Causes of Roof Leaks During Heavy Rain

No one wants to scramble for buckets every time it rains. In the South, heavy downpours and strong winds are expected during the spring and early summer, making leaks more noticeable. To avoid the inconvenience of leaks, keeping a close eye on specific areas of your roof is essential. By paying attention to the following key areas, you can proactively prevent leaks and protect your home.


Homes with chimneys are more likely to experience roof leaks. Rainwater can enter the chimney directly, seep through the flashing where the roof and chimney meet, or even penetrate the masonry surface. If you have any issues with your roofing shingles, leaks are more likely to occur in this area.

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Skylights, while adding natural light to your home, can also be a potential source of leaks. Improper or damaged flashing, gaps in the framing or inadequate insulation can contribute to leaks around skylights. Regularly inspecting and maintaining these areas is crucial to prevent water intrusion.

Degraded Shingles

Over time, roof shingles can dry out and become worn, compromising their ability to keep water out. If your roof leaks during heavy rainfall, it may be an indication that the shingles are nearing the end of their lifespan. Promptly addressing deteriorated shingles can prevent further damage to your roof.

Metal Corrosion

Cracks and corrosion in metal components can lead to water leakage. Metal roofs, in particular, may experience loosened seams due to expansions and contractions over time. Regular inspections and timely repairs can help maintain the integrity of metal roofs and prevent leaks.

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