Facts You Did Not Know About Centipedes

You probably have come across a long, flat worm-like critter once in your life, having many legs, roaming around on your bathroom floor, and slipping away into dark crevices. This common house pest is known as a centipede and can be found almost everywhere. It belongs to a diverse group of arthropods, mainly found in North America.

They look more creepy and scary than they are. Here are some of the most interesting facts about centipedes, which will help you better understand these unique types of occasional invaders. If you fear these multi-legged creatures and want to get rid of them, call Green Pest Services today.

Interesting facts about centipedes you probably did not know

1. The name centipede is misleading.

The name centipede literally means “hundred legs.” The truth is that they do not exactly have a hundred legs. A centipede may have 20 to 170 pairs of legs. They have thin and long legs that help them crawl and move really fast. The last pair of legs of a female centipede is about twice as long as her entire body.

2. Centipedes can be beneficial.

Do not rush to squish these multi-legged, ugly-looking creatures. While it is not really advisable to allow these pests into your home, they can be beneficial for you if they invade your home by accident.

Centipedes will not harm or bite you. However, they are more than able to eat away insects and spiders that are living in your homes. These creatures also feed on other common pests such as termites, ants, bed bugs, etc.

3. Centipedes are strong arthropods that can survive for several years.

Although tiny in size, this creature is hardy and can survive a variety of circumstances. A centipede’s body is specially designed for survival. If it gets bitten by a predator, it can regenerate any number of legs lost in the fight. Generally, they live for about 2-3 years, but there are many of them known to survive for up to 5 years.

4. Centipedes are night owls.

Some species of centipede may invade your home, but you will rarely notice them during the daytime. They love moist environments and hide around damp areas around your house, such as closets, basements, and bathrooms. During night they are most active and move out of their comfort place as they forage for food.

5. Centipedes are fast.

You probably have noticed this by yourself when you see one of them skitter across your floor. With all those pairs of legs working in sequence, it becomes easy for this little crawler to move so quickly. They have to be fast to catch their prey and outrun large predators.

6. Centipedes are moisture pests.

Moisture attracts centipedes. If you have moisture issues inside or outside your home, there is a possibility that you have a centipede infestation. Centipedes, along with various other pests, thrive in moist, damp environments. You do not want to give them an open invitation by not fixing any leaky pipes and having stagnant water around the house. Getting rid of centipedes on your own can be challenging. Call professional pest control today.