Most Aesthetic Garden Perennial Plants 

There are many types of perennial plants that can be grown in the garden. Some are ornamental, some have showy blooms, and others provide food for wildlife. Some bloom for only a short time, while others stay in bloom for many months. Quite often, these plants will self-seed so you can enjoy them again later on down the road. There are also perennials that will reseed themselves among your other plants or even other parts of your yard. This article will discuss some of these amazing options and help you decide which ones may be best suited to your landscape needs and preferences as well as how to plant them correctly!

Flowering Perennials Plants Have Long Blooming Season

  • Flowering plants that have a long blooming season:
  • Hardy geranium (Pelargonium x hortorum)
  • Persian Shield (Strobilanthes dyerianus)
  • Scented stock (Matthiola incana)

Perennials Plants With Ornamental Leaves

Many perennials have ornamental leaves, which means that they can be used as cut flowers. Examples of perennials with ornamental leaves are:

  • Ammi majus ‘Pewter’ – Aromatic annual or biennial with dark green fernlike foliage and white-to-pale pink flowers in summer. Grows 1 foot tall and wide; prefers full sun to partial shade; tolerates poor soil and drought conditions well but prefers moist but well-drained soil when grown as an annual. Does not like cold winters so it must be grown as an annual in colder climates unless planted in a greenhouse or container garden where it can overwinter indoors during winter months until spring arrives again (if desired). This plant has been known to grow up to 3 feet high!

Garden Perennials Plants With Striking Fall Colors

The most striking fall colors are red, orange, yellow, and purple. Some common perennial plants with these colors include:

  • “Aster” (Aster)
  • “Chrysanthemum” (Chrysanthemum)
  • “Sunflower” (Helianthus annuus)

Perennials Plants For Shade

Here are some plants that are good for shade and have a variety of characteristics:

  • Native to your area. Plants native to your region will be better suited for the conditions that you have, and they’re also more likely to attract native pollinators and other wildlife.
  • Long blooming season. A long blooming season means more color throughout the growing season, which makes it easier on you! You can plant perennials that bloom early in spring before most trees leaf out and then add bulbs later in summer when things start to get dryer again (or just go ahead with both at once).
  • Ornamental leaves or striking fall color or both!

Perennials Plants For Dry Conditions

If you have a dry garden or don’t want to spend much time watering, here are some perennials that will thrive in your landscape and require less maintenance.

  • Drought-tolerant plants are those that can survive on little moisture and can be grown in dry soil. They include many native grasses, sedges, and wildflowers such as prairie star (Lithospermum caroliniense) and Indian paintbrush (Castilleja indivisa).
  • Water-conserving perennials need less water than other types of perennial flowers because they’re able to store moisture for later use during dry spells or periods without rainfall. Some examples include butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa), pink muhly grass (Muhlenbergia capillaries), and goldenrods (Solidago).
  • Shade-loving perennials grow best when planted near trees or shrubs that block out strong light but still allow enough sunlight through their leaves so the plants can photosynthesize enough energy from sunlight to survive winter cold spells without dying back completely each year like shade plants do every fall/winter season!

Many Perennial Plants that Can be Grown In The Garden

Garden Perennials plants that come back year after year. They are a good choice for the garden, as they can be adapted to many different conditions. Most perennials are easy to grow, but there are some exceptions.

Perennials often have showy flowers and fruits that attract birds, bees, and other pollinators. In addition to providing food sources for wildlife in your garden, perennials offer year-round interest through their colorful foliage or interesting form (shape).


There are many Garden perennial plants that can be grown in the garden. perennial, any plant that persists for several years, usually with new herbaceous growth from a part that survives from growing season to growing season. Trees and shrubs, including all gymnosperms (cone-bearing plants), are perennials, as are some herbaceous (nonwoody) flowering plants and vegetative ground covers.